The Thoughts And Experiences Of Doe Deere

Doe Deere’s birthplace is Russia, and she was seventeen before moving to the United States. She is ambitious, imaginative and knows how to dream big. Once she moved to New York, she made her biggest dream of being a musician a reality. Her experience helped her learn about marketing, and how to appreciate the people around her. Despite her love for music, she is delighted she with her career in makeup. She lived in New York for many years, and enjoys going back to visit. She lived in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, and her fondest memory is the time she spent in a band.


She met her husband because they were both in the same band. Since they were both songwriters, it made sense to collaborate. They found they worked well as a team, promoted the band together, and this was the beginning of their relationship.


Doe Deere believes young women with ambition should follow their hearts. She sees something incredibly special in every person she meets, and believes everyone has a quality or skill that makes them unique in the world. She feels once people have tuned in to their ability they begin to blossom. She believes this is the way to achieve true potential in life. She says people should simply go where they love and take the time to explore.


Doe Deere thinks knowing and being in touch with yourself provides the best possible value. When she was growing up, she felt alone and different in the way she thought. It was not until later in her life she realized she belonged in this universe along with everyone else. When she realized how many people felt the same way, Lime Crime was born.


Doe Deere loves unusual and bright colors. It was her inability to find them in 2008 that inspired her to make them. She was surprised at the number of girls gravitating towards her products, but this was why Lime Crime became so profitable. She believes makeup provides the necessary freedom to be herself. Her hope is the women purchasing Lime Crime products feel the same way. She says makeup allows her to express herself without the fear of being judged. Her background in fashion helped her endeavor, and he experience with makeup and hair taught her expression comes from what people put on their bodies and faces. Her major in New York was in fashion design.

Julie Zuckerberg: Shaping Organizational Development Recruit by Recruit

Julie Zuckerberg is an industry veteran with over a decade of experience working at some of the biggest organizations in the United States. The multitalented talent recruiter has refined her art through strategically acquiring skills that are relevant to her practice. Currently serving as the executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank’s American market, Julie Zuckerberg unrivalled stellar career has seen her develop excellent team leadership and management skills. These are important skills especially when it comes to attracting and retaining top talents. This is further enhanced by excellent employee and training skills. Hiring Julie Zuckerberg comes with benefits beyond her experience, industry knowledge and solid academic background. In addition to the Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy she received from the City University of New York-Brooklyn College, Julie Zuckerberg is skilled in talent acquisition, executive search and applicant tracking.


Conflicts are not uncommon within the workplace. Some of the primary causes of conflicts include contract stipulations and change management. Julie Zuckerberg has not only developed conflict resolution skills; she is an excellent change management specialist and succession planner. Her professional career has been marked by being tasked with specialized talent recruitment dockets including corporate and executive staffing, which she executed excellently at various organizations. This has been aided, in part, by her excellent recruiting, interviewing and behavioral and talent sourcing skills. These skills, strong academic background and experience working at some of the largest corporations in the country make Julie Zuckerberg one of the leading talents when it comes to talent recruitment in the Greater New York City Area.


Decades of Topnotch Recruitment


Julie Zuckerberg’s reputation as one of the leading talent recruiters in the Greater New York City Area stretches beyond Deutsche Bank where she currently works. She came to professional prominence following her five-year tenure at Hudson where she served as the director of candidate placement. She was actively involved in the recruitment of all staff at the law firm including paralegals, support staff and attorneys among others. She also trained and coached the employee while also actively engaging in human resource management activities such as conflict resolution and educating employees on key company processes and benefits. She later joined Citi Group in 2007 as an executive recruiter for Citi Global Functions, a subsidiary of Citi Group. She later moved to another subsidiary, Citi Global Consumer Bank, in 2011 in the same capacity. During her six-year stay at Citi Group, Julie Zuckerberg oversaw an overhaul of the company’s talent search and recruitment procedures while also overseeing the recruitment of executive staff. In addition to these roles, she also served as the vice president of the company.


In 2013, Julie Zuckerberg joined New York Life Insurance Company for four months. She served as corporate vice president and experienced hire recruiting lead. She was tasked with managing the recruitment initiatives and customer relationships throughout the company. She later joined Deutsche Bank in 2014 where has played a critical role in the bank’s ability to identify, recruit and manage top talents in the United States.