Securus Technologies Strives Towards a More Effective Incarcerated Experience

Securus Technologies Inc. is a technology company that provides various security solutions in the business of civil and criminal justice. Working together with many criminal justice agencies as well as inmate facilities, Securus Technologies offers products and services that help with investigations, monitoring, inmate correction, and law enforcement. Securus Technologies has headquarters in Dallas, Texas, but the company operates throughout North America and Eastern Canada.


One of Securus Technologies’ ambitions is to create a more positive incarceration experience where inmates will have a more convenient and safer environment, promoting rehabilitation an reintegration into society upon their release. Securus Technologies has a sharp focus on improving the inmate welfare throughout the United States of America. The corporation has been working on large projects for the past five years and will continue to do so for the next couple of years at least.


Securus Technologies Inc. completed a project with the global leader JPay Inc. recently. The two worked on a platform for correctional facilities. The project is supposed to improve inmate welfare in terms of communication and education. Other projects that Securus Technologies Inc. has completed include the lower pay rates for phone calls and video calls. Securus Technologies Inc. believes that one of the best ways to keep inmates a part of society is to allow them frequent communication with their friends and family.


As a whole, Securus Technologies Inc. has adamant believes of what the incarcerated experience should be like and what results it should have on people. For one, the company believes that all aspects of being in prison should work towards the same goal- rejoining society as a valuable individual.


There are several aspects that Securus Technologies Inc. has been trying to improve. Education and communication have developed a lot at medical are, and approach needs some work, according to the company.



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