Sussex Healthcare – Specializing In Audiology

Leading healthcare provider, Sussex Healthcare, joined forces with the NHS to now offer top-notch audiology services. Audiology is the study and treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders. Audiologists specialize in the hearing loss and hearing treatment fields, and these experts provide highly specialized services which include personalized and very specific hearing tests. These tests help to determine a person’s current hearing ability, and this test information is then used to formulate a custom hearing assistance plan that will enable most patients to hear at appropriate levels again. Audiologists must stay up-to-date with the latest technology finds and resulting hearing devices.

Sussex Healthcare is best known for its impressive care of elderly individuals. This healthcare organization also provides services and care for individuals with cognitive, neurological and physical deficiencies. Now, Sussex Healthcare has added another fine service to help their aging population and other hearing impaired patients. A hearing deficiency is often unnoticed by the sufferer for a long time. These individuals will often begin turning the volume control up until others are uncomfortable with the loud noise. Some with hearing loss will often miss things in ordinary conversations. Since at least 70 percent of hearing impaired individuals are aged 70 and older, caregivers and family members should pay close attention if hearing loss is suspected.


Many individuals with hearing loss try to compensate by other means. They often will learn to read lips. As the hearing loss progressed, it is rather typical for these individuals to exhibit hermit like behaviors. Individuals with hearing problems quite often get extremely embarrassed by their noticeable symptoms, and these people will make excuses about attending social events. Sussex Healthcare trains their employees to watch their patients for the signs of hearing loss. With the newer audiology services, the healthcare employees can refer the patient to get a focused hearing test by audiology experts.

Audiology is a fast-paced healthcare field that utilizes new developments in technology and hearing aid devices. The hearing aids on the market today are a far cry from those cumbersome models of years past. Newer hearing assisting devices come with tiny electronics built into the highly sensitive to sound devices. Audiologists can now fine tune these more comfortable and less noticeable hearing aids to enable every patient to get customized hearing services. Sussex Healthcare is leading the way for more personalized hearing services. This audiology department can also diagnose tinnitus.

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