Daniel Taub: The Determined Diplomat

On Thejc.com, “Farewell Mr. Ambassador: Interview with Daniel Taub,” says goodbye to one of Israel and the United Kingdom’s best Ambassadors. Daniel Taub was elected Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Court of St. James, where he served for four years. Though his time in office was short, he accomplished a significant number of goals. In addition to his role as a negotiator for peace, he also increased bilateral trade between the countries to over $8 billion. During his time as an Ambassador, he also served as Ambassador to the International Maritime Organization on Israel’s behalf, a historical first. Though closing the door on this chapter of his life, Taub looks back at his time serving both countries with a warm fondness. He also continues to be a champion for Israeli interests on a global scale.


While in office as Ambassador, he acted as the go-between for both countries. His expert negotiating skills ultimately resulted in a stronger friendship between the two countries. Not only did they enjoy a wonderful new level to their alliance, but they were able to increase their business and technology trades. This $8 billion bilateral gain ultimately helped both countries and solidified their bond. Taub also explains in his interview that the Alliance with Britain is not just important because it has remained a historical superpower, but because of its international saturation. He explains that for Israel to remain part of the global dialogue, they needed to retain a good relationship with the United Kingdom. Taub knew that the United Kingdom is not only the financial center of the world, but their media is also consumed internationally. He leveraged his position to appear on several news outlets and television shows to increase Israel’s international visibility, an action he believes ultimately paid off in the end.


Currently, Daniel Taub serves as the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. He explained to his interviewer that while he would miss the work of Ambassadorship, he will remain a strong presence in the political climate. In addition to his current duties as a Director of Strategy and Planning, Taub travels quite a bit lecturing on international law and negotiation. His new roles have afforded him a lot of opportunities to impact people worldwide, bringing more attention to the importance of diplomacy and international relations. While he may no longer be an ambassador, the future still holds a lot of promise for Daniel Taub.


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