Mike Baur is a Living Proof that Passion can Outweigh Career

Mike Baur is a renowned entrepreneur from Switzerland. He is the behind the success and significant achievements of the Swiss Startup Factory. Baur went to Bern University for a degree in business and also the University of Rochester for another degree in the business related field. He started his career as a banking manager for more than twenty-two years. During these times, he helped so many banks to rise in the economy due to his dedicating at doing what he loves. Some of the banks where he served at include Clariden Leu and UBS.


Later on, he decided to focus all his efforts on investing in various companies, and by doing this, he ended up launching a company, Swiss Startup Factory alongside other cofounders. This was in 2014. The company has been thriving since then and has managed to partner with many other companies such as CTI invest. His fellow partners admired his passion and commitment for everything he does and therefore nominated him as the company’s vice managing director.


The foundation of Swiss StartUp was due to his constant urge to assist entrepreneurs who wanted to venture in startup companies. He then launched a program that offers beneficial training to these young business minds. In addition, Mike Baur also helped the owners of the startups secure free offices in Switzerland for their business operations. With all these, they got the ample opportunity to market the services they offer alongside their various products. This platform also enabled the young entrepreneurs to interact and learn from other tech entrepreneurs in the same line of business as them. Needless to say, the startup owners have earned great knowledge which they have incorporated in their businesses hence are sure to achieve massive success.


Mike has also helped in signing them up for pitching competitions, START Summiteer at Swiss University. At this contest, entrepreneurs are given a chance to sell their ideas and products to the general public who therefore donate funds for their enterprises. Mike Baur also launched Think Reloaded, a firm that offers financial advice to these young startup owners. Merging the company with Swiss StartUp Factory has helped Mike concentrate chiefly on the financial sector and management for both the companies.


This is precisely what happens when our passions outweigh the love we have for our careers. We tend to give up our jobs that we spend years being drilled on and follow that which thrills our minds and souls. Mike Baur is a very good example of such scenarios.