For The Wild Radio Program Interviews Mark Hutchinson

During his interview with the For The Wild radio broadcast, Mark Hutchinson was asked where he got the idea to create Wild Ark. Mr. Hutchinson responded by saying he realized that conserving lands rich in biodiversity was the key to sustainability. All of his prior experiences has made him realize that by setting aside land for animals and plant species, he can really make a difference in conservation. Mark Hutchinson also believes that setting aside and conserving land for wildlife will ultimately benefit humans in the long run. Learn more:


He says that the mission of Wild Ark is to purchase, rehabilitate, and conserve parcels of land that have significant biodiversity in flora and fauna. At the same time, he wants to build sustainable and eco-friendly businesses on those parcels of lands. After all, humans have to make a living somehow he states. Eco-tourism and land conservation are not bad jobs to have and Wild Ark provides these opportunities.


The next question asked of Mark Hutchinson during his radio interview was why is he so adamant about the idea that people need rewilding or a reconnection with nature. Mr. Hutchinson is a staunch believer in that too many people have lost touch with nature or the bush as he calls it in Australia. He does believe that all of us have the ability to reconnect with nature somehow though. Whether it is planting flowers on a patio in the city, growing a garden in the suburbs, camping out in the wilderness or going on a Wild Ark safari trip, we all have the potential to go reengage with nature. Learn more:


Wild Ark’s goal of setting aside land for exploration and nature activities such as rafting, fishing and hiking is a way of helping people to reconnect with their natural environment and natural instincts. His company also offers safari excursions, hiking trips and guided tours of the African savannas and deserts. The ark is also symbolic of the reconnection and restoration of nature in his company name and logo. Noah took one of each animal on his ark during the flood. Wild Ark wants to ensure a home for each animal and plant species on Earth through conservation. Learn more: