Eco-conscious Travel Destinations and Wild Ark

Travel destinations can be hotels, cities, states, regions, or countries that market themselves as places for tourist attractions. Most of these places are conservation centered and eco-conscious. Below are four travel destinations that are incredibly eco-conscious. Learn more:

Costa Rica

There is no doubt that Costa Rica is a travel destination that is protected by natural beauty. This place is always associated with ecotourism because of its coastlines along Pacific and Caribbean. It also has a large rain forest that continues to attract a great number of visitors. Apart from the rain forest, Costa Rica has pristine beaches, breathtaking volcanoes, and Eco-friendly accommodations.


This is another place that every visitor that is Eco-conscious will never fail to visit. However, the culture of the country has extensively influenced the travel industry. The main tourist attraction site in this place is the Norwegian Fords. In that case, the government of Norway has come up with policies that regulate oil drilling, hunting, and fishing along Norwegian Fords.


Palau is an Island Nation that is found in the western Pacific of Micronesia. The island is known for its oceans rather than the land. Off from the coastline, there is a beautiful and crystal blue sea that is home to many species of fish and coral reefs. On shore, Palau has untouched beaches and diverse forest that are suitable for ecotourism. The government of Palau is determined to preserve the beautiful landscape of the island. The first step of preservation is to make the reefs of the landscape a no-fishing zones.


Iceland has become a top travel destination because of its remote beauty that is eco-friendly. The country is also one of the consumers of the cleanest energy in the world. Most of the travelers who visit this particular destination have the opportunity of reducing their footprint by camping rather than hiking or staying in big hotels.

About Wild Ark

Wild Ark was established by a team of passionate conservationists with the objective of helping people understand the wildlife. Among the founding members include Mr. Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. They are concerned about the current dangers affecting wild places. The team is working hard to ensure that the planet is protected for the next generation.

The mission of Wild Ark Organization is to protect the identified green belts of the world. These areas are rich when it comes to biodiversity. Therefore, protecting them is also a way of wildlife conservation. In that case, there is the need for creating experience opportunities and research for people to understand nature. Maybe, they will be encouraged to protect it. Learn more: