David McDonald President And COO OSI Group

David McDonald is the current of OSI Group based in Aurora as well as its Chief Operating Officer (COO). OSI Group supplies food services and retail to brands worldwide as it’s a international premier supplier. David says the company is positioned well to have a global network. This is seen as OSI has branches across 17 countries with over sixty five facilities and 20,000 plus employees whose focus is to ensure customers satisfaction in accessibility to food products of high quality customized to fit the needs of OSI customers.

David McDonald’s Education and Work Background

David McDonald graduated from Iowa State University in 1987 after undertaking a Bachelors in Science degree specializing in Animal Science. He then joined OSI Group and over the last 30 years has risen through the ranks due to his determination and will to succeed and is now it’s President. McDonald has been committed to the success of OSI Group since he joined and also works well with his employees to provide the best service in the food industry.

During his tenure, David McDonald OSI Group with OSI China supplied over 100 tons of assorted food products during the Beijing 2008 Olympics games including chicken, beef, eggs, pork and onions dehydrated. There were no complaints received by the company which was highly appreciated across the board and was a stamp on McDonald’s record on providing impeccable service.

David McDonald Improves Sustainability

In 2016, a report on Global Sustainability was released by OSI that showed progress made in detail based on supply chain, environment and social responsibility during the period of 2016/17. The report had outlined the goals of the company by 2020 that included a 10% reduction in energy and water intensity. All OSI facilities in Europe had attained ISO certification ISO14001. While donations of food, over 100 metric tons by OSI Northern America was given to feed Americans and GenOSI made donations of over 25 metric food tons to feed the homeless in the Philippines.

David McDonald’s Acquires Baho Food

OSI Group acquired Baho Food a company that manufactures snacks, foods and deli meats in the foodservice and retail sector of Dutch. This acquisition according to the COO David will help increase market presence of OSI in Europe to help better serve the ever-changing customer needs.

About OSI Group

OSI Group has been in China for over 20 years since opening in Beijing it’s first food processing plant in 1992. After the Olympics OSI China has supplied many other brands globally including Starbucks, Yum, Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s, Papa John’s and Saizeriya.