Dick DeVos Partners with Betsy in Providing the American Dream through Modern Education Systems

There is no doubt that Dick DeVos has, over the past years, made a name for himself in the field of charity. With his wife, Betsy DeVos, Dick has culminated the art of giving back to the society through his family foundation. That is why on September 8th, 2010, the duo announced that they were going to release a report, on the amount of money they have given to charity organizations. This report would include their contribution since the formation of their family charity organization. Although the two have garnered fame from political contributions, the amount does not match their contribution to charity. This amount totals up to $139 million.


Contribution to Charity

In 2016, Betsy DeVos was scrutinized ahead of the general elections. According to the federal reports submitted by their family charity foundation, Betsy had contributed an enormous amount of money towards education. Considering her passion for supporting modern education systems in the United States of America, Betsy stood higher chances of being nominated the secretary of education. That is why she was being scrutinized. The reports showed that in 2015, the family contributed $11.6 million towards charity. This was according to the family foundation website. The amount is twice as much as they have contributed to politics over the past five years.


Dick Contributes to Charity

With a rich political background from both sides of the family, the two can be said to have followed their parent’s footsteps. Mr. Rich DeVos was the co-founder of Amway Company. He was a great supporter of the Republicans. One of the virtues he imparted in Dick, and his siblings, is giving back to the society. Through his leadership in the family foundation, the four children contributed $104 million to charity organizations in 2015. Because of their generosity, the family was named 24th world’s givers in the Forbes Magazine.


Education Reform

As a career executive, Dick DeVos highly advocates for modern education systems through his wife. They have massively capitalized on developing education systems based on providing the American dream. This is evident through their contribution to the systems reformation in 2015. In that year, they contributed over $3 million towards the same cause. Reports released by the family foundation show that this sums up to 26% of their total yearly contribution. Apart from that, the family foundation donated $357, 000 to organizations that promote education reform.


Dick’s Profile

Dick Devos is an American-based entrepreneur. He has, for years, invested in the well-being of Americans through his family charity foundation. Dick’s career commenced at Amway Corporation. He was the president of the company. His roles included overseeing operations in eighteen countries. Currently, he works round the clock to reform the education systems in America.

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