How Tony Petrello Became One Of The Top Paid CEOs

Who do you think of as the top-paid bosses in the United States of America? You should be thinking of Anthony Petrello as one of them. Why? Well, he earned over sixty eight million dollars last year. That should place him on number one of the list of AP for fifty top paid CEOs in 2013.

So who is Anthony Petrello? Well, he is the CEO Nabors Industries, which is a shareholding company of Nabors Exchangeco. He has served as CEO since 2011. He was the Chief Operating Officer of Nabors Industries from 1991. Before that, from 1979 to 1991, he was with the law firm Baker & McKenzie, where he was also managing partner of its New York office from 1986 through 1991. Since 2012, he has been chairman of the board at Nabors Industries. His salary plus bonuses equals millions of dollars each year.

Let’s go back to the top paid bosses and the highest rankings on the AP list. Someone who knew Anthony Petrello as a former roommate said that he usually didn’t pay attention to these lists, but because he found out that it was his former roommate as an 18 year old, he paid attention. He said he was full of envy and that he was really jealous over how he got success. So he eventually tried to get in touch with Tony, and felt better when Tony comforted him. He wrote about all this in the Daily Beast. Tony said that between lucky and smart, lucky is better.

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