“Richard Blair Successful Investment Advisor”

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions works hard to make sure that Austin, Texas’s community has the resources that they need to manage wealth. Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm that works to provide its clients with valuable and resourceful information. Blair helps people successfully distribute the wealth that they currently have to benefit them now and in the future. He works to ensure that his clients are able to achieve their maximum potential financially.

Blair completed his undergraduate studies in finance at the University of Houston. Blair uses his many years of experience in financial services to ensure that he is providing an excellent quality of service to his employees. Blair has RICP, CAF, CFS, and CES certifications. Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, Texas, but they provide services for the community and surrounding cities. Richard Blair works very hard to protect their clients from the risks involved in making investments. Although there are risk involved, they make sure that their clients are allowed to enjoy the benefits and profit of investing.

The majority Wealth Solutions clients are people that are trying to get a head start on retirement planning. Their clients want to make sure they are able to live comfortably during retirement. Furthermore, they want to make sure that they are able to leave some of their wealth to their families.

Blair’s company is based on three pillars. Pillar number one examines the highs and lows of a customer to ensure that they are served in the most efficient way. Pillar number two involves creating a long-term plan to ensure success. Pillar number three Blair ensures their long-term care by securing proper insurance plans. The advice that his clients receive is unbiased and strictly designed to ensure the success of the client.

Blair has been able to help a large number of people through his tireless work and determination to give good quality to his clients. Blair’s mother and grandmother inspired the teacher within at a young age. Blair used the benefits of teaching that he observed as a child to create a successful company. Wealth Solution was created by using the combination of Blair’s love for teaching and his love for finance and investment. Wealth Solution has and continues to educate people on how to invest in comfortable and profitable lives. Thanks to Richard Blair people in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas live comfortably during retirement.


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Securus Technologies Strives Towards a More Effective Incarcerated Experience

Securus Technologies Inc. is a technology company that provides various security solutions in the business of civil and criminal justice. Working together with many criminal justice agencies as well as inmate facilities, Securus Technologies offers products and services that help with investigations, monitoring, inmate correction, and law enforcement. Securus Technologies has headquarters in Dallas, Texas, but the company operates throughout North America and Eastern Canada.


One of Securus Technologies’ ambitions is to create a more positive incarceration experience where inmates will have a more convenient and safer environment, promoting rehabilitation an reintegration into society upon their release. Securus Technologies has a sharp focus on improving the inmate welfare throughout the United States of America. The corporation has been working on large projects for the past five years and will continue to do so for the next couple of years at least.


Securus Technologies Inc. completed a project with the global leader JPay Inc. recently. The two worked on a platform for correctional facilities. The project is supposed to improve inmate welfare in terms of communication and education. Other projects that Securus Technologies Inc. has completed include the lower pay rates for phone calls and video calls. Securus Technologies Inc. believes that one of the best ways to keep inmates a part of society is to allow them frequent communication with their friends and family.


As a whole, Securus Technologies Inc. has adamant believes of what the incarcerated experience should be like and what results it should have on people. For one, the company believes that all aspects of being in prison should work towards the same goal- rejoining society as a valuable individual.


There are several aspects that Securus Technologies Inc. has been trying to improve. Education and communication have developed a lot at medical are, and approach needs some work, according to the company.



Sussex Healthcare – Specializing In Audiology

Leading healthcare provider, Sussex Healthcare, joined forces with the NHS to now offer top-notch audiology services. Audiology is the study and treatment of hearing loss and balance disorders. Audiologists specialize in the hearing loss and hearing treatment fields, and these experts provide highly specialized services which include personalized and very specific hearing tests. These tests help to determine a person’s current hearing ability, and this test information is then used to formulate a custom hearing assistance plan that will enable most patients to hear at appropriate levels again. Audiologists must stay up-to-date with the latest technology finds and resulting hearing devices.

Sussex Healthcare is best known for its impressive care of elderly individuals. This healthcare organization also provides services and care for individuals with cognitive, neurological and physical deficiencies. Now, Sussex Healthcare has added another fine service to help their aging population and other hearing impaired patients. A hearing deficiency is often unnoticed by the sufferer for a long time. These individuals will often begin turning the volume control up until others are uncomfortable with the loud noise. Some with hearing loss will often miss things in ordinary conversations. Since at least 70 percent of hearing impaired individuals are aged 70 and older, caregivers and family members should pay close attention if hearing loss is suspected.

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Many individuals with hearing loss try to compensate by other means. They often will learn to read lips. As the hearing loss progressed, it is rather typical for these individuals to exhibit hermit like behaviors. Individuals with hearing problems quite often get extremely embarrassed by their noticeable symptoms, and these people will make excuses about attending social events. Sussex Healthcare trains their employees to watch their patients for the signs of hearing loss. With the newer audiology services, the healthcare employees can refer the patient to get a focused hearing test by audiology experts.

Audiology is a fast-paced healthcare field that utilizes new developments in technology and hearing aid devices. The hearing aids on the market today are a far cry from those cumbersome models of years past. Newer hearing assisting devices come with tiny electronics built into the highly sensitive to sound devices. Audiologists can now fine tune these more comfortable and less noticeable hearing aids to enable every patient to get customized hearing services. Sussex Healthcare is leading the way for more personalized hearing services. This audiology department can also diagnose tinnitus.

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The Thoughts And Experiences Of Doe Deere

Doe Deere’s birthplace is Russia, and she was seventeen before moving to the United States. She is ambitious, imaginative and knows how to dream big. Once she moved to New York, she made her biggest dream of being a musician a reality. Her experience helped her learn about marketing, and how to appreciate the people around her. Despite her love for music, she is delighted she with her career in makeup. She lived in New York for many years, and enjoys going back to visit. She lived in both Brooklyn and Manhattan, and her fondest memory is the time she spent in a band.


She met her husband because they were both in the same band. Since they were both songwriters, it made sense to collaborate. They found they worked well as a team, promoted the band together, and this was the beginning of their relationship.


Doe Deere believes young women with ambition should follow their hearts. She sees something incredibly special in every person she meets, and believes everyone has a quality or skill that makes them unique in the world. She feels once people have tuned in to their ability they begin to blossom. She believes this is the way to achieve true potential in life. She says people should simply go where they love and take the time to explore.


Doe Deere thinks knowing and being in touch with yourself provides the best possible value. When she was growing up, she felt alone and different in the way she thought. It was not until later in her life she realized she belonged in this universe along with everyone else. When she realized how many people felt the same way, Lime Crime was born.


Doe Deere loves unusual and bright colors. It was her inability to find them in 2008 that inspired her to make them. She was surprised at the number of girls gravitating towards her products, but this was why Lime Crime became so profitable. She believes makeup provides the necessary freedom to be herself. Her hope is the women purchasing Lime Crime products feel the same way. She says makeup allows her to express herself without the fear of being judged. Her background in fashion helped her endeavor, and he experience with makeup and hair taught her expression comes from what people put on their bodies and faces. Her major in New York was in fashion design.

Daniel Taub: The Determined Diplomat

On Thejc.com, “Farewell Mr. Ambassador: Interview with Daniel Taub,” says goodbye to one of Israel and the United Kingdom’s best Ambassadors. Daniel Taub was elected Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Court of St. James, where he served for four years. Though his time in office was short, he accomplished a significant number of goals. In addition to his role as a negotiator for peace, he also increased bilateral trade between the countries to over $8 billion. During his time as an Ambassador, he also served as Ambassador to the International Maritime Organization on Israel’s behalf, a historical first. Though closing the door on this chapter of his life, Taub looks back at his time serving both countries with a warm fondness. He also continues to be a champion for Israeli interests on a global scale.


While in office as Ambassador, he acted as the go-between for both countries. His expert negotiating skills ultimately resulted in a stronger friendship between the two countries. Not only did they enjoy a wonderful new level to their alliance, but they were able to increase their business and technology trades. This $8 billion bilateral gain ultimately helped both countries and solidified their bond. Taub also explains in his interview that the Alliance with Britain is not just important because it has remained a historical superpower, but because of its international saturation. He explains that for Israel to remain part of the global dialogue, they needed to retain a good relationship with the United Kingdom. Taub knew that the United Kingdom is not only the financial center of the world, but their media is also consumed internationally. He leveraged his position to appear on several news outlets and television shows to increase Israel’s international visibility, an action he believes ultimately paid off in the end.


Currently, Daniel Taub serves as the Director of Strategy and Planning of the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. He explained to his interviewer that while he would miss the work of Ambassadorship, he will remain a strong presence in the political climate. In addition to his current duties as a Director of Strategy and Planning, Taub travels quite a bit lecturing on international law and negotiation. His new roles have afforded him a lot of opportunities to impact people worldwide, bringing more attention to the importance of diplomacy and international relations. While he may no longer be an ambassador, the future still holds a lot of promise for Daniel Taub.


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Mike Baur is a Living Proof that Passion can Outweigh Career

Mike Baur is a renowned entrepreneur from Switzerland. He is the behind the success and significant achievements of the Swiss Startup Factory. Baur went to Bern University for a degree in business and also the University of Rochester for another degree in the business related field. He started his career as a banking manager for more than twenty-two years. During these times, he helped so many banks to rise in the economy due to his dedicating at doing what he loves. Some of the banks where he served at include Clariden Leu and UBS.


Later on, he decided to focus all his efforts on investing in various companies, and by doing this, he ended up launching a company, Swiss Startup Factory alongside other cofounders. This was in 2014. The company has been thriving since then and has managed to partner with many other companies such as CTI invest. His fellow partners admired his passion and commitment for everything he does and therefore nominated him as the company’s vice managing director.


The foundation of Swiss StartUp was due to his constant urge to assist entrepreneurs who wanted to venture in startup companies. He then launched a program that offers beneficial training to these young business minds. In addition, Mike Baur also helped the owners of the startups secure free offices in Switzerland for their business operations. With all these, they got the ample opportunity to market the services they offer alongside their various products. This platform also enabled the young entrepreneurs to interact and learn from other tech entrepreneurs in the same line of business as them. Needless to say, the startup owners have earned great knowledge which they have incorporated in their businesses hence are sure to achieve massive success.


Mike has also helped in signing them up for pitching competitions, START Summiteer at Swiss University. At this contest, entrepreneurs are given a chance to sell their ideas and products to the general public who therefore donate funds for their enterprises. Mike Baur also launched Think Reloaded, a firm that offers financial advice to these young startup owners. Merging the company with Swiss StartUp Factory has helped Mike concentrate chiefly on the financial sector and management for both the companies.


This is precisely what happens when our passions outweigh the love we have for our careers. We tend to give up our jobs that we spend years being drilled on and follow that which thrills our minds and souls. Mike Baur is a very good example of such scenarios.


The Reason behind Fabletics Having an Edge over Other Companies

Fabletics is an athleisure brand that was launched in 2013. It has grown tremendously over the years and was reported to receive $235 million in revenue. Shawn Gold, who is the marketing officer of Tech Style which is the parent company of Fabletics, attributes the success of the brand to be due to its focus on the customers. Owners of the company embrace customer reviews and use them to make changes where necessary. Most people today lead digital lives. This means that most of them would definitely search for a business online before purchasing items. They take reviews as the gospel truth and this will dictate whether they make a purchase or not.


A large percentage of consumer brands have a feature for reviews on their website due to its advantages. Reviews that are genuine tend to boost a business. A company gets to earn repeat customers who are loyal. Their reviews can be incorporated into products or policies making them feel appreciated. Such comments from customers also better the search rankings of a brand. It is more likely to appear among the top searched results. Reviews can dictate the revenue of a brand. There is likely to be a larger percentage of purchases due to this factor.


85% of the sales Fabletics makes are due to repeat customers. The remaining percentage are attributed to referrals. This alone shows how the customer drives a business. Review sites have realized a huge growth in users compared to the previous years. More people want to know about the businesses they want to invest their money in as well as leave reviews describing their previous experiences. Individuals interested in Fabletics Gear should take the lifestyle quiz to find out what will work best for them.


Kate Hudson’s Input To the Company


Kate Hudson is the face of Fabletics. She has been involved in every part of the process since she joined the team. This involves picking a social media strategy that would work best for the brand and reviewing budgets set for different items. As designers are hard at work to come up with amazing items, she is always available to give her two cents on different designs when needed. She keeps tabs on the sales of the clothing every week. This is helps to know what is selling and what the customers do not like.


She has worked hard to make sure what the brand communicates is authentic. This involved upgrading the department that handles customer service so clients can have individuals who cater to their every need. A new system for recording data was also implemented to ensure that the company had enough items for their customers

Sawyer Howitt An Entrepreneur And Professional Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is a professional athlete, entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. He also holds a business and finance training and experience. He now works for Meriwether Group, a business advisor and acceleration firm, as a Project Manager. Sawyer’s focus is on changing how commerce and business development will adapt to the continuous technological changes. He is always keen on understanding the operations and financial dynamics of a business entity.

Sawyer brings his expertise in the field of business and entrepreneurship to racquetball. He helps aspirant athletes understand the dynamics of the sport to enable them to earn a living from playing professionally. He starts by offering advice on self-assessment steps to avoid future disappointments that may crop up due to lack of a clear direction. Sawyer mentions that before you indulge yourself in a sport, you ought to know what your reasons are for seeking that particular sport. Wanting to become a professional and just playing a sport for self-accomplishment have very different approaches.

To become a professional athlete, Sawyer Howitt encourages you to have a dedicated training plan and patience as well. This plan requires effort and discipline on a daily basis when it comes to exercise. Doing the required workouts will ensure that you are in excellent physical shape. Most individuals normally underestimate how strong they need to be to stand a chance against a professional racquetball player. He adds that you will need to work with actual racquetball professionals to ensure you get results. These professionals can offer insight on what it takes to get to their level and advice on finding an excellent coach. He adds that before settling down for a coach, you ought to consider his background to ensure he or she is best suited for you.

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Sawyer Howitt emphasizes the importance on practicing. His expertise in racquetball has helped him get recognized by the U.S. Racquetball Association. Practice normally helps in improving your skills. He mentions that you will need to undergo several years of training and proper work out to be able to attain a professional level. All this practice requires funding. This is because you cannot attain the professional status of a player as you still continue with formal employment since you will spend most of your time practicing. You can be able to acquire funding through seeking sponsorship.

Find more about Sawyer Howitt: https://soundcloud.com/sawyerhowitt


Madison Street Capital is a company that offers financial services to business across the world. Part of the services they offer is to help companies have access to credit. They also help company make smart investment decisions while traversing complex transactions. They offer consultation services in matters relating to mergers and company valuations. Madison Street Capital reputation has been earned due to their track record of helping well known businesses.


Madison Street Capital helped Vital Care select a lender in 2014. Vital Care which is a manufacturer of medical products was able to acquire a loan under the advisory guidance of Madison Street Capital. The company has produced medical products since 1984.


Madison Street Capital co-founder Anthony Marsala was given an award by the National association of Certified Valuators. This was to honor him as a young business leader who has had many accomplishments in mergers and valuations. Anthony is the company’s CFO and has a master’s degree.


Madison Street Capital was also a finalist at the M&A Adviser Awards during the summer of 2016. The awards are meant to recognize companies that set up great financing and restructuring deals. MSC was also selected as a finalist for assisting in the best merger that was valued at less than $100 million. In January of 2017 Madison Street Capital won the Turnaround Award. The award was won after coming on top by beating more than 300 other companies for qualifications.


In 2017 Madison Street Capital helped DCG Software Value during its merger with The Spitfire Group. This is in its tradition of helping firms with the best advice in mergers. DCG Software Value has its offices in Great Britain and Pennsylvania and has been providing software solutions for more than two decades.


Madison Street Capital has grown its reputation by making many charitable donations. It has donated funds to nonprofit organizations such as the American Red Cross. The company has many professionals as part of its staff.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a privately owned company that is based in Chicago. It has been in business for more than 12 years. They offer acquisition services, corporate tax planning venture capital services among many others. The company believes in creating strong corporations that are within communities. The company is always dedicated to providing the best services to its clients while being engaged in philanthropic activities to help make a difference in the community.


Read more at http://www.gcreport.com/madison-street-capitals-impressive-path-top-notch-reputation/.

For The Wild Radio Program Interviews Mark Hutchinson

During his interview with the For The Wild radio broadcast, Mark Hutchinson was asked where he got the idea to create Wild Ark. Mr. Hutchinson responded by saying he realized that conserving lands rich in biodiversity was the key to sustainability. All of his prior experiences has made him realize that by setting aside land for animals and plant species, he can really make a difference in conservation. Mark Hutchinson also believes that setting aside and conserving land for wildlife will ultimately benefit humans in the long run. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/mark-hutchinson/


He says that the mission of Wild Ark is to purchase, rehabilitate, and conserve parcels of land that have significant biodiversity in flora and fauna. At the same time, he wants to build sustainable and eco-friendly businesses on those parcels of lands. After all, humans have to make a living somehow he states. Eco-tourism and land conservation are not bad jobs to have and Wild Ark provides these opportunities.


The next question asked of Mark Hutchinson during his radio interview was why is he so adamant about the idea that people need rewilding or a reconnection with nature. Mr. Hutchinson is a staunch believer in that too many people have lost touch with nature or the bush as he calls it in Australia. He does believe that all of us have the ability to reconnect with nature somehow though. Whether it is planting flowers on a patio in the city, growing a garden in the suburbs, camping out in the wilderness or going on a Wild Ark safari trip, we all have the potential to go reengage with nature. Learn more: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/415949715569059008/


Wild Ark’s goal of setting aside land for exploration and nature activities such as rafting, fishing and hiking is a way of helping people to reconnect with their natural environment and natural instincts. His company also offers safari excursions, hiking trips and guided tours of the African savannas and deserts. The ark is also symbolic of the reconnection and restoration of nature in his company name and logo. Noah took one of each animal on his ark during the flood. Wild Ark wants to ensure a home for each animal and plant species on Earth through conservation. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/wildarkglobal/posts/538048479728461